The Marche Region be as lucky to appear non-existent .That is not to seem. Nobody knows them, starting with the Marchigiani. In Milan it is believed that they are on the borders of Africa, in Palermo you imagine them from parts of Switzerland. They are not a region, if anything four provinces. And they are not even four provinces: if anything two hundred and fifty-six municipal towers. But go and ask the people of Ascoli, Macerata, Pesaro. They will answer; "Ancona capital? And where is it written? " Sometimes, the technicians of the programming are put in the head to divide the Marche in homogeneous zones.Then they take a map and draw a line: North and South. But it's not enough, we need another one: East and West. Useless, it's just the beginning. We need new lines, in here, in there, above, below. After a while the map looks like the web of a crazed spider. Really homogeneous, in the Marche, there is almost nothing. Perhaps only the name, which however, being in the plural, already alludes to the manifold.


The Infernaccio Gorges, Rubbiano, Montefortino (FM)

Le The Infernaccio Gorges, originally called “Golubro”, from the latin “Gula” meaning gorges and “Lubricum” which indicates slippery and impenetrable, are the beautiful natural gorges result of the patient work of the river Tenna, during millions of years, has eroded these rocks creating a way out. This hike shrouded in the magic of nature and its wonderful gifts is not to be missed, a place to clear your head and refresh your body.

The Gorge of Frasassi, Genga (AN)

Le The Gorge of Frasassi are underground karst caves that are located within The Natural Regional Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi . Inside the karst cavities you can admire natural sculptures formed by limestone stratifications over the course of 190 million years thanks to the work of water and rock. The concretions are divided into stalagmites (columns growing from bottom to top) and stalactites (which instead descend from the ceiling of the cavities).Another unmissable wonder that nature has given us. You will surely be impressed by so much beauty.

The National Park of Monti Sibillini

Il The National Park of Monti Sibillini, wonder and pride of the Marche, between the provinces of Ascoli Piceno, Fermo and Macerata is a magical place in which nature, history and mystery blend in a unique landscape. There are many legends that revolve around these places, first of all that of The Sibyl and of The Lake of Pilate.


The Lake of Pilate

Il The Lake of Pilate, appointed over,is a body of water located on Mount Carrier, in the Massif and the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains at an altitude of 1,941 m above sea level. It’s known and often called “the lake with glasses” for the shape of its complementary invaded and communicating during periods of increased presence of water. The lake is home to a particular endemism, Chirocefalo Marchesoni,which is a small crustacean red measuring 9-12 mm and swims with its ventral side up. For this reason, at certain times of the year, the lake is colored red. From this particularity born also a legend..


Conero Natural Park

Il The Conero Natural Park is a protected natural area that extends over the homonymous promontory. The Conero Natural Park is a park full of facets and It can be visited through all its official paths which will lead you to discover the rich flora of more than 1000 species protected. This is a perfect habitat for thousands of birds that migrate every spring, making the Conero a paradise for birdwatching, specifically near the lakes of Portonovo..


If you don’t like hiking but you prefer a day in total relaxation, you can opt for the splendid Bay of Portonovo completely immersed in the surrounding Conero National Park, nestled in the slopes of Monte Conero, and covered by typical local vegetation. It’s mainly characterized da stones and pebble and Portonovo was awarded with European Blue Flag for the crystal clear water of all the beaches.

The Lake of Fiastra

The Lake of Fiastra is a multi-faceted attraction. Firstly you will be amazed by the clarity and intensity of color of its waters. . Light blue, dark blue, turquoise, sapphire, emerald green, cobalt blue. There are many shades that will appear and will always be different with the change of light, brightness and the views and headlands from which you will admire. You can play many activities: paragliding, archery, fishing, rowing, sailing, etc. Do you prefer to relax? The shores of the lake allow picnics and are the ideal place to spend nice days along its shores equipped with sunbeds and sun umbrellas to relax, enjoy the sun and a bit of rest perhaps in the company of a good book. On the other hand there is no lack of fun for lovers of excursions, with the path of Red Blades,formations in the shape of pinnacles and towers consisting of pebble held together silts, formed thanks to the erosion of atmospheric agents. Starting from the dam you go up and you and get ready to be amazed by the many panoramas one more enchanting than the other.


The Balcony of Marche, Cingoli (MC)

the name is due to the vast panoramic terrace, on the castle walls of medieval origin, it is possible to enjoy the view of much of the Marche region, with the natural frame, on the horizon, the Adriatic Sea and the Monte Conero. In the days when the sky is particularly clear, it is possible to discern in the distance the mountains of the group of Sibillini, Maiella and the Dalmatian coasts.

We remain at your disposal to help you make the most of the accommodation period, with advice and guidance on other itineraries and places to discover and appreciate.

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